What is ORC2013

Several emergency situations in which the teams will challenge into. Regulations

Where and When

At the "5th Canguro's Camp" in Pergine Valsugana, Italy, during the longest day of the year, the June 22ndfrom the 8:30 AM to 6 PM.

Here you can see Map of the Sites.


This page contains all the files you need to know the rules we decided to follow, the modules to use to suscribe to the challenge and other useful information about the location and the event.

Rules and regulations in attach ORC2013-Rules_and_regulations.pdf, last change May 16 2013, 4 PM, (here the italian and english version).

Registration form in attach ORC2013-Registration_form.pdf last change May 17 2013, 12 PM

Medical supplies check list in attach ORC2013-Check-list.pdf last change May 8 2013, 4 PM


Download this file (ORC2013-Check_list.pdf)ORC2013-Check_list.pdf[Get the PDF to view what medical supplies you need]85 kB
Download this file (ORC2013-Registration_form.pdf)ORC2013-Registration_form.pdf[Get the PDF to compile to join the challenge]82 kB
Download this file (ORC2013-Rules_and_regulations.pdf)ORC2013-Rules_and_regulations.pdf[Get the PDF with the rules and regulation for ORC 2013]130 kB