CRI Day 2017

Trentino's Red Cross Comitee celebrates 2017 CRI Day (Red Cross and Raising Moon Movement celebration) at Pergine Valsugana on Saturday May 13rd, in Municipio and Fruet squares.

Each component of Trentino Red Cross are there for showing their activities to the public. There are lots of reasons to come and see us: 1st of all, we have some mass training on pulmonary resuscitation, or you are teached on pediatric accidents prevention. The agenda lists lots of activities starting from 10 o'clock to 18 o'clock.

During the day is possible to participate at heart-quake simulation in a School Room, have mesurements of your alcholemic level and children can have fun with Italian Red Cross clown, usually working in pediatric ward or rest homes.
Children can have fun also with our make-up voluntiers with face painting that are also involved making up the actors in the accidents simulations we have during the day.

This is the agenda
During the day there are also clowns and face-painting and also a platform simulating an Heartquake in a classroom and a stand about yungest about driving and alchool problems.

Events are in Piazza Municipio and Piazza Fruet and stands are in the near streets.