"Portoni Fair" at Pergine

Yes, we are! This year we response "yes" at invitation sent by Pergine administration and Turism Office.

We will be in Cesare Battisti Street, in the place called "Spiaz del Marcadel" (Marcadel square), both Freiday 30th of June and Saturday 1st of July, from 8 pm to 12 pm.

We will be together with other associations working in Pergine that will animate central Pergine's streets called "Contrada 'Taliana" (Italian Street), via 3 November (3rd of November street) and "Contrada Todesca" (Deuchland Street).

In our lcation we will prepare fruid salad using fresh season fruit. You will meet lots of our enthusiastic volounteers.

festa dei portoni 2017 crip thumb


Per ulteriori dettagli vi vinvitiamo a visitare il sito di Perzenland.