About us

The Red Cross group of Pergine Valsugana has its offices in Viale dell'Industria, in the same building where firefighters and mountain rescue are.

Our activities are guided by the seven foundamental principles of the Red Corss:

Voluntary service

Our activities are centered on the person with its needs and its inalienable rights.

That is why we continually keep us formed thank's to qualified instructors teached on best technics about the emergency and psychological relief for who needs help.

This love about the person becomes concret:

These are the activities we do either in our territory and where Red Cross is needed to be. As example we where there in 2000 when river Po' overflowed or in 2006 at L'Aquila for earthquake or in 2012 in Emilia.

In 2013 our duty is declared in Carta dei Servizi alla Persona e alla Comunità, a contract between Trentino Red Cross and Trentino citizens.