Timetable of 35th anniversary and map of events

September 19 Friday

7:30 PM - Torchlight procession around city streets (meeting in Gavazzi square)

9:00 PM - Opening of "Ieri e oggi" photo exhibit with images of the history of Croce Rossa Italiana in Pergine - Garberie theatre, Municipio square, nr5

September 20 Saturday

8:30 AM - Meeting the Croce Rossa volunteers of Pergine and their activity - Pennella street

3:00 PM - Drill with Firemens - Piazza Municipio

6:30 PM - Presentation of training seminar for new Red Cross volunteers - "Don Bosco" theatre

9:00 PM - Stand-up comedy - "Don Bosco" theatre

September 21 Sunday

9:30 AM - "Holy Mass of Volunteer" - "Cesa Granda" Holy Major Mary church

Subsequently the consignment of service praises at "Don Bosco" theatre

12:30 PM - Group lunch at "Alla Comparsa" restaurant in Montagnaga di Piné and ending with musical evening

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